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Rural Suicide and its Prevention: a CRRMH position paper

A position paper for rural suicide and its prevention. 

A sociological autopsy lens on older adult suicide in rural Australia: Addressing health, psychosocial factors and care practices at the intersection of policies and institutions

This paper examines the interrelationship between suicide, health, socioeconomic, and psychosocial factors in contributing to suicide in older adults in rural Australia.

Act Belong Commit Fact Sheets and Resources

The CRRMH has adapted the Act Belong Commit mental health promotion campaign as one of its key initiatives. You can find an evaluation report as well as a range of fact sheets and resources to educate people about being mentally healthy.

Effects of mental health training on capacity, willingness and engagement in peer-to-peer support in rural New South Wales

Rural Australians experience significant barriers in accessing mental health services, some of which may be overcome by increasing mental health literacy in rural communities. This paper evaluates Mental Health Support Skills (MHSS), short training courses developed by the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP). MHSS was designed to build the capacity of community members and gatekeepers to identify people with mental health concerns and link them to appropriate resources or services.

Glove Box Guide to Mental Health

Each year the CRRMH and RAMHP together with The Land produce the Glove Box Guide to Mental Health. The Guide provides people’s personal stories, practical information and education on including online therapies and information on mental well-being tools and apps, as well as tips and strategies on how to stay mentally healthy.

Let’s Talk Fact Sheets

The CRRMH and RAMHP provide a range of free fact sheets to educate people about rural mental health issues. These cover topics such as: Seeing your GP about your mental health, managing stress during drought, where to find help for mental health services and taking care of yourself following a natural disaster.

Let’s Talk Rural Mental Health podcast

The CRRMH developed an award winning podcast in partnership with journalist Kia Kandley which covers mental health issues in rural and regional Australia. The podcast includes three series covering a diverse range of topics including: mentally healthy workplaces, rural suicide prevention, homelessness, coping with the drought, loneliness and men’s mental health.

Mental Health Continuum resource

Suicide in rural Australia: A retrospective study of mental health problems, health-seeking and service utilisation.

Suicide rates are higher in rural Australia than in major cities, although the factors contributing to this are not well understood. This study highlights trends in suicide and examines the prevalence of mental health problems and service utilisation of non-Indigenous Australians by geographic remoteness in rural Australia.

The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health Videos

The CRRMH and RAMHP have developed a series of videos many of which are used in our training programs to help support and educate rural communities about mental health and wellbeing.

You Got This Mate

You Got This Mate provides tips and info to help rural men reach their best possible mental health.

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