Life in Mind update

“A whole-system approach to suicide prevention, with government, business and the community working together towards the one outcome”.

Life in Mind is a new and evolving comprehensive, online portal connecting Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other, and the community. The strength of Life in Mind lies in its inclusion of the suicide prevention sector to develop a pivotal connection for organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention in Australia.

Information about Phase 1

The first component of the Life in Mind portal aims to support the suicide prevention sector and community to deliver best practice programs and services enhanced by policy, connected to help-seeking and informed by coordinated and consistent messaging about suicide prevention. In addition, Life in Mind connects the suicide prevention sector to tools for health and well-being in the workplace. 

Phase 2 developments of Life in Mind (to come from July 2018) will continue to build the skills and capacity of the suicide prevention workforce through:

  • a Research section
  • a calendar of events
  • a collaboration noticeboard
  • online training.

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