Understanding the ABS Causes of Death data

Understanding the ABS Causes of Death data

Life in Mind encourages the community and stakeholders to be mindful of the following details when sharing and discussing the latest ABS information.

The National Communications Charter provides information about communicating in ways that actively work to increase help-seeking and help-offering behaviour and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide

An overview of Coronial data collection

The National Coronial Information System (NCIS) was launched in 2000 as a resource for the collection, storage and access of coronial data. Data is sourced from all coronial jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand about all reportable deaths. It enables coroners, their staff, public sector agencies, researchers and other agencies to obtain evidence to inform death and injury prevention activities.

Snapshot summaries of suicide data

The 2017 snapshot summaries were prepared by the Mindframe team at Everymind using the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Causes of Death data, released September 26 2018. 

Mindframe, works closely with the ABS to examine, contextualise and distill the data for use by media, stakeholders and government.

This is to ensure that these yearly complex and highly specific figures are interpreted correctly and reported to the public safely.